Patient Testimonials

“This program is very helpful. I appreciate having a different perspective to hear and another person to bounce ideas and concerns off of. I also am grateful for the opportunity to explore alternative therapies in a structured way.” 
- Kell M.

“My time with Dr. Francis and her staff has been invaluable to me. They are great listeners and really care about my overall health and well-being. I look forward to my visits and consider them a great blessing on this journey.” 
- Deb D.

“I had pet therapy with Nancy and her Goldendoodle, Suzy Q. I got on the floor with Suzy and petted her while talking to Nancy, a survivor too. Suzy was so friendly and loving. She gave me a “doggie hug” before she left. Being with them made me feel more a part of this world. I always felt like I am on the outside looking in. The next day, I felt that I had a ray of sunshine following me around all day. Thank you for connecting me with Animal Friends, Nancy, and Suzy Q. I haven't felt like I did that day in almost 20 years.” 
- Rebecca B.