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Pancreatic Cancer Care

About Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is an organ that regulates blood sugar and helps with digestion. Pancreatic cancer occurs when cells grow abnormally in the pancreas.

In the United States, cancer of the pancreas accounts for 3 percent of all cancers and 7 percent of all cancer deaths.

Doctors diagnose around 50,000 people a year with pancreatic cancer. Of these, 95 percent or more have exocrine pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma).

Why Choose UPMC for Pancreatic Cancer Care?

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to pancreatic cancer care.

  • Our pancreatic cancer surgeons work with specialists in many fields to provide state-of-the-art treatment strategies, advanced therapies, and clinical trials.
  • Our surgeons are among the most experienced in the world, performing more than 500 pancreatic resections over the past seven years.
  • UPMC pioneered the use of robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer. We’re one of only a handful of hospital systems in the U.S. to offer the minimally invasive robotic Whipple procedure.
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Types of Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer can affect the exocrine or endocrine functions of the pancreas. There are also various types of cancer that can affect the pancreas.

Read about the types of pancreatic cancer.
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Pancreatic Cancer Screenings and Exams

You should think about getting screened if you:

  • Have a family history of pancreatic cancer.
  • Are a male over the age of 55.
  • Have diabetes and are over 50 years old.

Read more about pancreatic cancer screenings.
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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Program

The Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Program creates individual plans to help each patient through diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Learn more about our Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Program.
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Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

There are many treatment options for pancreatic cancer, including:

See pancreatic cancer treatment options at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.