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Clinical Trials

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center conducts research to advance our understanding of cancer.

Our cancer researchers work with clinicians to quickly move the most promising research results from their labs into clinical trials. This gives you early access to new and innovative cancer treatments throughout our UPMC Hillman Cancer Center network.

For more than 30 years, our commitment to excellence in all aspects of cancer care has led to many life-changing efforts.

And, we continue to:

Our end goal is to reduce the burden of this disease and improve cancer treatment.

If you have questions about how cancer care will be impacted when the Consent Decrees expire on June 30, 2019, or how the expiration will impact participation in clinical trials, you can find more information here.

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The Value of Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are incredibly valuable to both researchers and patients. Investigators use clinical trials to test new drugs and therapies that treat a wide range of human cancers.

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Browse our current clinical trials and research studies below. Or, see our online resources for cancer research and clinical trials at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

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