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Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Services

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center provides many cancer risk reduction and early detection services.

Found on the ground floor of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, the Ladies Hospital Aid Society of Western Pennsylvania Prevention and Early Detection Center (PEDC) offers many of these services for free as part of active research projects.

Cancer Screening Exams

During your visit, the PEDC staff will discuss cancer risk and review the current cancer screening guidelines with you.

Cancer screenings we provide include:

*This is a clinical breast exam. If you need a mammogram, we can help you schedule one. We'll also help you obtain a voucher for a free mammogram if you qualify and don't have health insurance.

The staff may suggest other cancer screenings — such as a colonoscopy — based on your:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Gender
  • Physical exam

We can also refer you to other medical resources, as needed.

Other Cancer Detection and Prevention Services

Along with cancer screening exams, the PEDC also offers:

To make an appointment for a cancer screening or other cancer prevention and risk reduction services, call the PEDC at 412-623-1266.

Cancer risks and screening education

The PEDC also provides cancer screenings in the community.

To schedule a staff member to speak at your business about cancer risks and current screening guidelines, call the Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy at 412-623-1266.

African American Cancer Program and Support Group

This program targets western Pennsylvania's African American population. Often their cancer education, diagnostic, and treatment needs aren't addressed or go undetected for a range of socioeconomic reasons.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is addressing the problems of higher cancer morbidity and mortality among African Americans.

Our program looks to pinpoint and remove the barriers that prevent the region's African Americans from obtaining access to cancer care.

We provide minority communities throughout western Pa. with:

  • Strategies to increase awareness of cancer risks and early detection.
  • Routine cancer screenings.
  • Educational programs, upon request.

To learn more about the African American Cancer Program, call 412-623-1266.

African American self-help cancer support group

This support group is the only long-standing African American cancer support group in western Pa.

The group meets one Saturday per month to:

  • Discuss topics of concern.
  • Welcome professional guest speakers.
  • Provide peer support.

To find out more about the African American Self-Help Cancer Support Group, call 412-623-1266.