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Integrative Oncology
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Integrative Oncology

What Is Integrative Oncology?

At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, integrative oncology manages the mind, body, and spirit.

Along with standard cancer care, integrative medicine addresses and improves symptoms and quality of life through:

  • Movement, such as yoga.
  • Touch, such as massage.
  • Diet and nutrition, such as taking herbs or vitamins.
  • Mindfulness, such as meditation.

Where Can I Get Integrative Cancer Care?

We offer this care at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center locations throughout our network:

  • UPMC in Central Pa.
    Central Pa.

    Serving Harrisburg and the surrounding area, our integrative breast cancer care offers evidence-based holistic care paired with your breast cancer treatment plan.

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  • UPMC in North Central Pa.
    North Central Pa.

    Serving Williamsport and the surrounding area, our integrative cancer care services offer a variety of therapies to pair with your traditional treatment plan.

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  • UPMC in Western Pa.
    Western Pa.

    Serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, our integrative oncology program operates out of our flagship UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in Shadyside, offering tailored care for each person.

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Is Integrative Oncology for Me?

  • Integrative medicine is for people with cancer who want to:

    • Manage symptoms with a personal, whole-person approach.
    • Improve their quality of life and wellness.
    • Be proactive and involved in their care.