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Standardizing Evidence-Based Cancer Care

Advancing Cancer Treatments Rooted in Science and Research

At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, we're at the forefront of cancer research and care.

We are a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center — where cancer researchers and clinicians work to move science out of the lab and in to the hands of your doctor.

We've published thorough research based on the experience of thousands of cancer patients.

Standardizing Evidence-based Cancer Care

To ensure standards of care across the entire UPMC Hillman Cancer Center network, our doctors have designed evidence-based medical and radiation oncology protocols.

Known as Clinical Pathways, these cancer treatment standards:

  • Offer single-best therapies for each patient's type of cancer.
  • Improve outcomes for patients.
  • Keep medical costs down.

We often work with insurance companies to have pathways "preapproved," so that precious treatment time isn't lost while cutting through the red tape.

Learn more about UPMC Hillman Cancer Center's Clinical Pathways.