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Endocrine and Thyroid Cancer Treatment Options

Because endocrine cancers affect glands and other structures all over the body, treatment will vary based on the cancer:

  • Site
  • Type
  • Stage

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center uses a team approach to make sure you receive individualized endocrine cancer care.

Endocrine and Thyroid Cancer Treatment Methods

In general, doctors treat endocrine and thyroid cancers using one or more of these approaches:

Surgery is often the first approach for treating endocrine cancers.

Your care team may advise a combination of treatment approaches along with supportive care.

Endocrine Cancer Treatment at UPMC: Treating the Whole Person

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center believes that effective endocrine and thyroid cancer treatment begins with a focus on the patient.

We offer a range of supportive care that can help you feel more at ease and make your treatments more effective.

Support services for patients and their loved ones include:

  • Behavioral medicine — psychologists and psychiatrists can work with you and your family dealing with the challenges of cancer.
  • Nutrition — our nutrition health experts can create a diet plan to help you regain or support your health.
  • Pain management — pain experts work with the rest of your endocrine cancer care team to relieve acute and chronic pain.
  • Palliative care — the care team aims to improve the quality of life for people with endocrine and thyroid cancers.
  • Social support — social workers and others can help you manage the practical aspects of living with cancer.
  • Interpreter services — interpreters help international patients and others with language barriers understand the treatment process.

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