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Esophageal Cancer Screenings and Exams

Is Esophageal Cancer Screening for Me?

Regular screening makes sense for many diseases and health conditions.

Esophageal cancer has a strong correlation with smoking, which means that smokers are at higher risk.

You should have a screening test for esophageal cancer if:

  • You smoke.
  • One or more of your family members have had esophageal cancer, especially at a young age.

What to Expect During Your Esophageal Cancer Screening

At your esophageal cancer screening, you'll see a doctor that specializes in gastroesophageal diseases who will perform an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD).

During the EGD, your doctor will:

  • Insert a flexible tube into the esophagus and stomach.
  • Look at the tissues for cancer cells.
  • Use the scope to guide a biopsy needle into the suspected cancerous tissue.

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