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Being Proactive in Your Care

The Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program offers safe and effective whole person care to help you heal. Each consultation is supported with research, thoughtfulness, and an approach that is personalized and collaborative throughout your cancer journey.

We suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as you decide Integrative Oncology is right for you.

Our team works diligently to fill all cancelled appointments. Most patients with flexibility are able to meet our team sooner than their initially scheduled appointment.

See our Cancellation Policy.

What Can I Do Right Now?

Nurse Ambassador Program

The Nurse Ambassador Program offers patients in treatment, clinic, and inpatient areas the opportunity to utilize aromatherapy, breathing techniques, meditation, hand and foot massage, and seated yoga to manage symptoms and focus on well-being.

Ask your treatment nurse to contact a Nurse Ambassador

Connect with our Nurse Ambassador Clinical Liaison to Discuss Symptoms

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a welcome call from our Nurse Ambassador Clinical Liaison to assess your symptoms and provide integrative advice.

Track Your Symptoms and Activities

Keeping a journal of symptoms and activities can enhance self-awareness and help our team create your customized symptom-based care plan.