Consult Service

The Consult Service

The Consult Service is the heart of the Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program.

Our purpose is to meet you on your cancer journey to assist in managing the mind, body, and spirit in the context of conventional cancer care using the modalities of movement, mindfulness, touch, and nutrition to address symptoms and quality of life.

During your first consult you will meet with a member of our clinical team, either Dr. Lanie Francis or Kayla Miller, CRNP.

Step by Step

  1. Contact
    • Make an appointment (self or physician referral)
  2. Consult
  3. Participate
  4. Evaluate and Expand
    • Meet with our clinical team to reassess symptoms. This is billed to your insurance as a specialist visit
    • Discuss next steps for expanding and sustaining integrative care throughout your cancer journey