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A. Dale Pinkerton – Lymphoma Patient Story

A. Dale Pinkerton – Lymphoma

Cancer first hit home for me after a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately lost his battle after a short period of time. Because of him, I decided to finally check a lump on my neck that had been bothering me for a while. A biopsy revealed I had lymphoma, but luckily it was in a very early stage. My PCP recommended Dr. Rushir J. Choksi at Butler Health System Medical Oncology, in partnership with UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. He developed a treatment plan that included chemotherapy every 28 days.

I aim to stay positive on a daily basis. The chemo treatments were rough but I try to remember that this is the feeling I have to deal with in order to get better. I know my doctors have my best interests in mind.

Dr. Choksi and his team have been incredible. He's so kind and caring and explains everything very well. Even in spite of the circumstances, his team always manages to put a smile on my face. They're quick to greet me and get me in to the treatment area as soon as possible.

I think it's fantastic that UPMC offers this level of care to the Butler area. We no longer have to drive long distances to receive high-quality care. We can stay in our own community. As a Shriner clown, I volunteer at local hospitals by making balloon animals and helping to spread cheer to the patients. I enjoy giving back to the community. I've been married to my wife, Millie, for 54 years and we have two beautiful children and four grandchildren together. I'm so grateful for their love and support.