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What to Expect During Hormone Therapy

At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, your care team of medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists will work together to:

  • Decide if hormone therapy is a useful treatment option for your type of cancer.
  • Design a treatment plan that provides the ideal mix of approaches for the best possible outcome.

How Will I Receive Hormone Therapy for Cancer?

You might receive hormone therapy drugs by mouth or shot under the skin or into a muscle.

In some cases, hormone therapy can involve surgery or radiation. This helps reduce the amount of hormone production in the body.

Your care team will explain the exact circumstances and processes of your recommended treatment.

During and after treatment, you may need to have:

  • Painless imaging tests so your care team can track the size of your tumor.
  • Blood drawn to measure substances that show the status of a tumor or hormonal function.

How Long Will I Need Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy for cancer can continue for a few months or years.

The length of your treatment will depend on the type of cancer and how well you respond to therapy.

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