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UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Neurology Oncology Care Team

Meet the Neuro-Oncology Team at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

UPMC Hillman's Neuro-Oncology Program is home to world-renowned doctors. They offer the latest technologies and treatments for people with brain and nervous system cancers.

Our diverse team of cancer experts works together to design an ideal treatment plan targeted to each patient.

When you come to us for brain cancer treatment, you'll meet caring and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and others.

Our care navigator, social worker, and dietician help you cope with the new fears and stress of a cancer diagnosis. We also offer a program to help you manage cancer symptoms and treatment side effects in a holistic way.

Experts on Your Care Team

The neuro-oncology team combines the expertise of:

  • Neurosurgeons — doctors who suggest surgical options and perform brain and spine surgery.
  • Medical oncologists — doctors who use cancer-fighting drugs like chemo.
  • Radiation oncologists — doctors who treat cancer with various types and doses of radiation.
  • Radiologists — doctors who diagnose cancers based on brain scan images.
  • Pathologists — doctors who study tissue samples under a microscope to diagnose cancer.

Our doctors, nurses, and staff take time to answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and support you throughout your treatment journey.

Our Neuro-Oncologists

Medical Oncologists

Radiation Oncologists

Our Neuro-Oncology Staff

  • Ashley Bloom, RN, BSN
  • Yi Li, MD (Fellow)
  • Jennifer Mabold, CRNP
  • Michelle Minnicks, RN, BSN
  • Ashley Pritchard, PA-C
  • Lauren Theis, RN

Our Neurosurgeons

Our Neurosurgery Staff

  • Morgan Fisher, PA-C
  • Kristin Mellon, PA-C
  • Elizabeth Schmiele, PA-C

Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program Director

Other Vital Members of Our Team

  • Joyce Diacopoulos — Dietician.
  • Katie Harrison — Social Worker.

Contact the Neuro-Oncology Program to Make an Appointment

To learn more about brain and nervous system cancer or to make an appointment, you can:

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