CyberKnife® Synchrony® for Lung Tumors

Synchrony is an imaging system designed for precise targeting of tumors on or around the lungs.

Lung tumors are often hard to treat with external radiation because breathing causes the tumor to move. This motion makes the tumor hard to target.

We can treat some tumors by gating the radiation delivered in intensity-modulated radiation therapy. However, Synchrony makes it possible to treat almost any tumor on the lung.

What Can I Expect During Synchrony Treatment?

Before treatment, your UPMC Hillman Cancer Center surgical oncologist will place tiny markers in the tumor. These markers make extremely accurate guides for the imaging system.

The CyberKnife Synchrony device uses the markers to:

  • Measure the lung tumor's movement.
  • Make a precise model of your breathing.
  • Keep track of your breathing during your radiation treatment.

The mechanical arm of the CyberKnife — which moves to deliver radiation — mirrors the movement of your body.

As your lungs inflate, the arm follows the tumor outwards. This allows us to give the tumor a full dose of radiation.

Synchrony helps spare healthy tissue while allowing for the most effective lung cancer treatment possible.

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