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Sarcoma Surgical Options

Many bone and soft tissue sarcomas need surgery along with chemotherapy and radiation to prevent the cancer from returning.

For smaller soft tissue sarcomas that haven't spread, surgery to remove the tumor (and some normal tissue) is often the first step.

Sarcoma surgery often requires the skill of an orthopedic oncologist or surgical oncologist to remove the tumor.

At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, our surgeons have this expertise.

When possible, they use:

  • Minimally invasive methods to remove tumors using the smallest incisions that they can.
  • Limb-sparing techniques to remove sarcomas and the least amount of healthy tissue. This allows for less post-op pain and a quicker recovery. Most people can go home within a few days.

While most patients benefit from these less invasive approaches, some tumors are too large or hard to reach. In these cases that require open surgery, our surgeons take care in keeping incisions to a minimal size.

Specialized Sarcoma Surgery

Sarcoma Specialty Care surgeons have expert training in a number of highly specialized technologies. This includes regional therapy for treating sarcoma confined to a limb or organ.

They also have helped design or advance newer sarcoma therapies, including:

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