Brain Cancer and Tumor Radiation

Radiation therapy, or radiation oncology, is often a central part of brain and nervous system cancer treatment.

Radiosurgery, an advanced form of radiation therapy:

  • Treats brain and spine tumors with precisely focused beams of radiation and no incisions.
  • Uses image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) for targeting tumors.
  • Allows your care team to precisely target cancerous tumors with minimal effect on healthy surrounding tissues.

Radiation oncologists partner with neurosurgeons when using radiosurgery techniques to remove tumors.

Types of Radiation Therapy for Brain and Nervous System Cancers

The experts at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center specialize in many types of radiation therapy for brain and nervous system cancers.

And, they have vast experience in using all types of advanced radiation delivery systems, including:

Gamma Knife treatment machine at UPMC Presbyterian

  • 3D conformal radiation — this treatment shapes the radiation beams t to match the shape of the brain or spine tumor.
  • CyberKnife® — this robotic radiosurgery delivers stereotactic ablative radiation therapy to treat brain and nervous system cancers.
  • Gamma Knife® — this radiosurgery approach can reach deep-seated brain tumors.
  • External beam radiation therapy — this outpatient treatment uses high-energy x-rays to direct radiation to brain and spine tumor. The procedure last a few minutes. Most people come for treatment several times a week for a few months.
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) — this technology allows radiation oncologists to sculpt the edges of the brain or spine tumor. IMRT lessens damage to nearby healthy tissue and reduces side effects.
  • Trilogy® — this approach uses image-guided technology to target brain and spine tumors during treatment.
  • TrueBeam STx® — this system has sophisticated imaging technology that captures images of your tumor, even when it moves during breathing.

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