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Yttrium-90 Internal Radiation Therapy

Yttrium-90 internal radiation therapy is a surgical technique that we use to deliver targeted radiation therapy directly to tumors through the bloodstream using tiny beads.

The tiny beads (or intrahepatic microspheres) measure one-third the diameter of a human hair, and are embedded with a radioactive element called yttrium-90.

What Can I Expect During Yttrium-90 Internal Radiation Therapy?

During the procedure, our surgeons deliver thousands of tiny beads to the tumor through a catheter that is surgically inserted into the artery that feeds the liver.

Because the blood vessels that sustain tumors are smaller in size than blood vessels that feed healthy tissue, the beads get stuck in the smaller blood vessels, therefore delivering radiation directly to the tumor.

As a result, the side effects are often minimal, because there is little to no exposure to healthy surrounding tissue.

Cancer Types Treated With Yttrium-90 Internal Radiation Therapy