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Radiation Oncology Treatment Services

“Radiation therapy” often refers to the use of a linear accelerator — or high-energy x-ray machine — that directs radiation to a tumor. Many radiation oncology treatments rely on some form of this technology.

Other cancer treatments use internally delivered radiation targeted precisely at or near the tumor.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center's radiation oncology program is a leader in using these cutting-edge technologies. Our knowledge and skill in performing radiation oncology procedures ensure that you and your cancer receive optimal treatment.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Options

The team at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center includes experts in the following modes of radiation oncology treatment:

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To learn more about radiation therapy at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, please call us at 412-647-2811.

TrueBeam machine

External Beam Radiation Therapy

External beam radiation therapy uses a machine outside of the body to direct radiation at tumors inside the body.

Types of this treatment include:

  • 3D conformal radiation therapy
  • Image-guided radiotherapy
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  • RapidArc® radiotherapy
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery
  • TrueBeam radiosurgery

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Internal Radiation Therapy

With internal radiation therapy, the radiation oncologist uses a catheter or applicator to insert radioactive seeds right at the cancer site.

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Ablative Radiotherapy

Stereotactic radiosurgery/ablative radiotherapy is a painless, incisionless surgery that uses electrically active atoms to damage cancer cells.

The two types of surgical oncology treatments we offer at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center include CyberKnife® and Trilogy.

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