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Starting Feb. 29, masking is optional but encouraged in UPMC medical facilities and most patient care settings.

Additional Resources

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You've battled cancer and won! Now, it's time for you and your loved ones to adjust to a life after cancer.

Starting your journey as a cancer survivor can cause mixed feelings — fear, joy, doubt.

You may have questions about where to find support and how to live a full, happy life after cancer treatment.

The Cancer LiveWell Survivorship Program is here to help. We've provided these trusted web resources to assist you on your survivorship journey.

Online Cancer Survivorship Support

Resources for Survivors from UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Support and Education

Giving Back

More Online Cancer Support

Basic Cancer and Patient Learning Resources

Cancer and Your Job

Breast Cancer and Gynecologic Cancers

Cancer Symptoms and Side Effects

Paying for Cancer Treatment


  • Fertility after Cancer — LIVESTRONG provides fertility information for both men and women who want to become parents after cancer.

Nutrition and Exercise